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Computer Technical Support

by Russ Bellew · phone 954 873-4695

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I repair computers on time, within budget, and done right.


PC Virus Removal / Disinfection
We're in the midst of an epidemic of PC viruses, spyware, and malware.
I disinfect your computers and harden their defenses against future infection. Here is how I remove viruses.





Desktop PC Repair

To reduce downtime and save you money, I repair desktop PCs by using readily available off the shelf parts. Often -- but not always -- desktop computers can be repaired on-site. When I repair a desktop PC, upgraded components may cost less than the original part . . . so the upside is that the computer may perform better than it did before the repair.




Laptop PC Repair

Because of their proprietary construction, laptop repairs usually cost more and require longer turnaround times than desktop PC repairs. Most notebook repairs must be done in the shop. While the laptop is open, you may wish to increase its memory. I repair IBM ThinkPad (now Lenovo ThinkPad), Dell Latitude and Inspiron, HP, Toshiba, etc. notebooks.






Server Repair

I upgrade and repair servers from all manufacturers: Compaq ProLiant (now HP ProLiant), Dell PowerEdge, IBM, and others; all operating systems: Windows Server, SCO Unix, Aix, Novell NetWare, Linux.