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Computer Technical Support

by Russ Bellew · phone 954 873-4695

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Computers can be confusing. Let me unconfuse you. 
 A. I provide customized easy to understand question and answer tutoring for individuals and groups. Subjects range from computer fundamentals to application programs. I adjust learning pace to suit the student(s).
I can provide training at your site, per your schedule. Contact me with your needs.
B. Online Training
These courses are prepared and taught by acknowledged experts in their fields.
1. FREE online training in 12-minute lessons delivered over the web by the Khan Academy. Subjects range from basic arithmetic to differential equations, chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, history, economics, statistics . . . All lessons are taught by Salman Khan in a light, entertaining manner. Partially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Fill in gaps in your education, when you have time, at your own pace.

2. Learn online at your own pace, on your own computer, in your own time. Courses are interactive and many employ audio and moving images. They're taught by completely US-based, a global leader with more than 1.4 million licensed learners and more than 1000 enterprise customers worldwide. has 21 years experience in e-Learning.
More than 1900 topics are available. Take the courses as many times as you want, for 1 full year.



Number of


1 year


 List of All Courses

over 200

 $ 37 or $67 each
Value Pack 4

Top Selling Office Skills Package 


$  97

Value Pack 5

Business Skills Package


$ 127

Value Pack 3Learn Web Design 


$ 197

Value Pack 2Microsoft Certification Online Training


$ 197

Value Pack 1

CompTIA A+ Online Training  


$ 197



 On, you can try a sample course for free.



3. New!

– Stay current and keep skills sharp
– Learn innovative and productive techniques
– Access over 820 online courses, 24/7
– Learn from experienced instructors
– Gain confidence and marketability
– Learn at your own pace: Stop, rewind, replay

The big difference?

- No long-term commitment required.

- Sign up for just a month.



C. More online training . . .


Intuit's QuickBooks Certified User Program is designed for people who use QuickBooks in their day-to-day jobs. To become a QuickBooks Certified User, you first attend a 2-day QuickBooks training course. You can take an "in-person" course or an online course. Then, you take an online exam which you must pass with a score of 80% or higher. 

Are you frustrated with QuickBooks? Not sure where to start? This step-by-step, screen-shot guide will "Jump Start" you thru the hoops of QuickBooks jargon. You will learn how to (1) Pay Bills  (2) Create Invoices and  (3) Record Deposits, in six simple steps. All it takes is 15 minutes of your time to eliminate your fears, lower your accounting fees, become a QuickBooks success story and get ready for the tax man.

Click here.

A multiple-choice test that's designed for employers desiring to hire bookkeepers with basic experience in the use of QuickBooks®. These questions will evaluate the applicant's bookkeeping knowledge as well as their ability to use QuickBooks®.


Conquer 27 Frustrating Mistakes That Steal Your Time, Sanity, and Money

Get More From QuickBooks. 
You DON'T need to be a QuickBooks guru to run a successful business . . .But you DO need to avoid the traps and headaches QuickBooks brings......when it’s not used the right way. Click here.

Insider Secrets to Customer Prepayments in Quickbooks

How To Record, Track, Refund, And Monitor Vendor Costs For Customer Prepayments In QuickBooks. 66 Page PDF. Many full color screen shots. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Are customer prepayments and negative accounts receivable making you crazy?
  Click here.



Finding Photoshop too hard to learn? Are you getting lost with all the Photoshop tools?  Do the Photoshop books scare you away? You're probably a visual learner and can more easily learn from watching someone do something rather than reading some lengthy, boring, book.

Learn Photoshop in half the time . . . the easy way!
Click here.

Prefer to learn Photoshop from an e-book? Download Photoshop In A Day.
Aimed at beginners and then moves on to advanced level. Learn all aspects of Photoshop. More than 500 pages.


Manager Training Center improves your business with tips and strategies from well-known experts. It helps you and your staff work smarter and faster.  Topics: human resources, leadership, teamwork and business.

How-to's: effective and lawful hiring and firing; improving productivity; leadership. Custom designed audio and video conferences.

Convenient audio learning events and webinars that you can attend live from anywhere, and CDs or podcasts that you can listen to anytime.


In one hour, improve your own personal business performance or gather your staff for a “Lunch and Learn,” where they can question our expert speaker right from your conference room during the live audio session.


MTC promises, If you’re not completely satisfied by our audio conference products, we’ll refund your money – guaranteed.

Pass4sure is the leader in supplying certification candidates with current and up-to-date training materials for Certification and Exam preparation.

Let Pass4Sure lead the way for you in studying IT exams such as CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, CompTIA A+, and etc. 100% pass guaranteed.

Want to know how to fix laptops? Check out over 10 full hours of high clarity HD videos recorded by a well-known professional repair technician.

This is a master course in fixing laptops! Click here 

D. DVD - based training . . .

Learn how to use Cisco with Train Signal. Cisco is the leader in networking technology, touching every part of the enterprise.

Do you want Microsoft training?
Microsoft products dominate the business world and the skills to administer Microsoft networks are always in demand. Share the gift of knowledge from Train Signal. Click Here.

Train Signalcan bring you Microsoft training whether you're a home user, business user, an enthusiast, or an administrator. We offer Office 2007 Training that is comprehensive and fun!