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10 Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts
  by: Steve Robson
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Time is money. And when you constantly have to divide your time between your mouse and your keyboard, your workflow rate really slows down.  


More Windows shortcuts


Windows key + D: Show the desktop

Windows key + Pause/Break: System

Windows key + M: Minimize

Windows key + L: Lock

Shift-Arrow Keys: Highlight 

Ctrl-A: Highlight all items

F5: Refresh view 

Ctrl + +Key: Align columns 

Ctrl-Shift-Esc: Windows Task Manager

Ctrl + T: Open a new tab

Ctrl + Tab: Go to next tab

Ctrl + W: Close this tab

Ctrl + Scroll wheel: Zoom in and out


and finally . . .

Microsoft's official list of shortcuts


That's particularly true when you're working on a laptop, where the pointing device is even slower. The answer - short of growing another arm - is to learn a few handy keyboard shortcuts. Here are ten of the best [for Microsoft Windows - rb]: 

1. Make a quick exit:

ALT - F4 will terminate any program immediately.


2. Flick - don't click:

ALT - TAB to flick through open programs.


3. Make a quick selection:

CTRL - SHIFT and move cursor with left / right / up / down arrows to quickly select areas of text.


4. Cut, copy, and paste:

CTRL - X / C / V to cut, copy and paste selected text.


5. Undo what you've done:

CTRL - Z will undo anything. (And to redo: CTRL - Y although this varies between programs.)


6. Page - don't scroll:

In MSIE [Internet Explorer] use Page Up & Page Down to save time fiddling with the scroll bar.


7. E for explorer:

WINDOWS KEY - E to open Windows Explorer. Use up and down arrows to quickly navigate through folders.


8. Rapidly rename:

F2 - rename a file or folder in Windows Explorer


9. Find it fast:

CTRL - F to find text on a page (And CTRL - H to replace it).


10. Fly through forms:

Use TAB to move forward through forms and SHIFT-TAB to move backwards


After a little practice, your fingers will be flying across the keyboard like a shortcut pro. And you'll save a huge amount of time too.


About The Author

Steve Robson is a successful technical author and contributor to - For more computer tips and advice, visit the following web page: