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Apple Macintosh 
I like using Macs, though I always feel restrained by Steve Jobs' vision of what I need. On the other hand, Jobs had a good eye for visual appeal.
Apple has done a good job of defending the Mac's niches: graphics artists and educators. With the poor reception given Microsoft's Windows Vista, a door was opened into the home computer market and even the corporate market.
Motorola's out. Intel's in.

Ever since the first Macintosh, Apple computers have used Motorola CPUs, but recently they've changed to Intel CPUs. This is a major change: Motorola CPUs have been relatively easy to program, with "flat" memory maps. Intel CPUs, in order to maintain backward compatibility with the 8-bit 8080(!), have used a more complicated, segmented, memory scheme. The big advantage that the switch to Intel processors gives Mac users is the possibility of running Windows programs on their Macs. For example, by using Parallels Desktop, Mac users can place icons for Windows programs on their Mac desktops; to the user, the Windows program appears to be a Mac program.