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by Russ Bellew · phone 954 873-4695

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A Hewlett-Packard LaserJet is a good investment.
I recommend laser printers that are made by H-P and only H-P. Why?
  • Hardware support: Because of H-P LaserJets' dominance in the laser printer market, repair parts are easy to find, as are technicians who can maintain and repair your printer.
  • Software support: Printer drivers exist for most operating systems and are likely to be updated as needed.
  • Consumables cost: Toner, rollers, fuser, etcetera are often stocked by local retailers at attractive prices.


The support from other manufacturers for their laser printers is spotty. Often, you must pay premium prices for their toner cartridges just because they're relatively rare.


(Yes, I know that the print engines inside Brother etcetera laser printers are the same as those within H-P LaserJets. So what? Re-read the above three points, and the Total Cost of Ownership notes.) 


How a Laser Printer Works


Should you use Remanufactured or Compatible Toner Cartridges?


Printer Maintenance Kits




DeskJets and Inkjets

I don't like DeskJet or inkjet printers, regardless of manufacturer. Why? Four reasons:


  • Poor page quality: Deskjet printed pages aren't waterproof. Get a page wet and the ink runs. For a business, inkjet pages shout, "We're rinky-dink!".
  • Want a second opinion?

    Visit Bertl for analyses of copiers, printers, MFPs, color devices, scanners, digital duplicators, wide format printers, and fax systems.
    They're slow.
  •  High operating cost: Deskjet printers are cheap to buy but expensive to use. To print 5000 pages, an inkjet will cost over 7 cents per page; a home laserjet will cost about 2.5 cents per page; an office laserjet will cost about 1.7 cents per page.
  • The ink dries and clogs spray orifice, if you don't use them for a while.


However, if you need color pages, deskjets are cheap to purchase. Just send your black and white print jobs to a LaserJet printer.


I notice that the cost of H-P color laser printers continues to drop. If you can afford one, go for it. 





Multi-function boxes: Printer - Fax - Copier - Scanner

I hate them, regardless of manufacturer. They're inferior at everything. When they fail (and they do fail) you lose everything: fax, printer . . . everything. I recommend that you  steer well away from them. Their fax and scanner software is often out of date and causes errors for its host computer system as you update the computer.

The software that HP provides for its Officejet 7300, 7400, and other series "All-In-One" monstrosities causes multiple errors each time Windows XP starts. David Packard and Bill Hewlett would hide their heads if they knew how many problems are caused  by this buggy software.

If you need a fax machine, buy a fax machine or better yet, consider Internet fax . . . and a Hewlett-Packard laser printer.  If you have a computer network in place, and you need a fax, let's  install a fax server on your network.

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