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Computer Technical Support

by Russ Bellew · phone 954 873-4695

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Tips for Computer Users
Here are suggestions that may help you become more productive while using a computer.
Best Practices
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Restore Internet Explorer 7's and 8's page loading speed
Internet Explorer version 7's (and version 8's) loading of pages slows after months of heavy use. Here's a quick way to restore its speed, while retaining your favorites. (Google Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar, etc. will be removed, which I regard as a blessing.) From within Internet Explorer 7 or 8, click: 
  • Tools
  • Internet Options
  • Advanced tab
  • At the bottom of the properties page, click the Reset button (which I've circled in this screenshot).
Allow several minutes for resetting to complete.
Guard your privacy: To thwart Doubleclick and other sneaky directed advertising companies, click Tools / Internet Options / Privacy / Advanced button. On the Advanced Privacy Settings properties page, check Override Automatic Cookie Handling, Accept First Party Cookies, Block Third Party Cookies, and check Always allow session cookies. Finish by clicking the OK button.   
Exit Internet Explorer. Restart Internet Explorer.
More Internet Explorer tips and shortcuts, from Microsoft: 
Remain comfortable while seated at your computer:
The website "wayback machine":
Anti-virus program comparisons, updated periodically: 


Microsoft Office Tips        


Free, self-paced training courses for Microsoft Office software, courtesy of Microsoft


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Get The Most Life Out Of Your Laptop Battery
Speed up your computer


If your computer is using Windows XP and contains less than 1 gigabyte of memory, you can speed it up by installing more memory. Windows XP runs great with 2 GB of memory. If using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you need at least 2 or 3 gigabytes. Your computer can never have too much memory. Luckily, it's inexpensive. - Russ



Backup your computer


ANY backup method is better than NO backup method! Online backup services relieve you of having to remember to create backup copies. In case of disaster, you can restore your data, regardless of where you're located. Concerned about privacy? Both Carbonite and Acronis encrypt your data before sending it over the Internet, and it remains encrypted on their servers, so it remains private. For about $55 per year, Carbonite will backup all of the data on one computer, regardless of the amount of data.

Acronis offers a similar backup service, but it's limited to 250 gigabytes total, distributed amongst up to 5 computers. It's priced at $50 per year.